SIPPIO puts Voice in Microsoft Teams by enabling native calling capabilities to drive value, productivity and agility of any M365 investment. The end-to-end solution delivers automated activation and voice services in 60+ countries ensuring there’s no build, code, professional services, maintenance or upgrades. Flexible plans allow customers to opt in/out or up/down on a monthly basis and simplify procurement, billing, and payment functions.


Drive more value in Microsoft Teams

  • Activate in 10 minutes
  • Subscribe month-to-month
  • Turnkey with zero touch
  • 24x7 voice experts
  • Analog device, legacy PBX and SfB upgrade paths
  • 100% native Microsoft cloud end-to-end

Month-to-month subscriptions provide flexibility to opt in/out or up/down to meet business requirements. Offered in an inclusive or consumption plan and for Education and Public Sector.



In last 2 years, we have helped more than 100 businesses save more than 25% on their annual IT spend.

Business Hours

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