Free IT Health Check Worth £800

Are you a Small or Medium Business?
Is your IT Cost getting out of control?
Do you want to secure and future proof your IT?

We would like to help 10 Wiltshire based Small and Medium Businesses by carrying out full IT health checkup, completey free. NO Catch, NO Obligation, Cheap & Best.

Following a detailed review of your existing Applications, IT infrastructure & Network we will provide you a comprehensive report, along with a list of all the risks and it's mitigation plan.

Ensuring maximum network performance from your network. Is your system running at optimum speed?
Ensuring your team can access what they need without jeopardising your company wide network. Is access to user data restricted to required users? Do you have a password policy? Are you able to remotely wipe mobile devices if lost or stolen?
Is your Network still safe? Firewall “Pressure Testing” Let’s put your security to the test. Better safe than sorry!
All too often we’re approached to see if we can recover data lost through poor or non-performing back-up systems. We’ll check that your back-up has got your back!
It’s easy to get Hardware, but does it help or hinder you in the New normal? Is your software working against you rather than for you. Are you running the latest OS? Are you taking advantage of all the latest patches and bug-fixes?
Are you still diverting calls to employees’ personal mobiles, are you limited on your business reporting and losing potential business? Or are you operationally at jeopardy by still using a quick home working fix – Let us find the correct communications strategy for you be it a mix of Digital, Video and Voice.

Led by Experience, Powered by Knowledge, Delivered with love!

When Time is Essence

Red-tape & bureaucracy does not help anyone. We love to work swiftly and accurately. Yes, that's possible - we have been doing it for more than 20 years!

Value for Money

Our resources are highly skilled and their time is genuinely priced. We don't overcomplicate things to spend more time on project and charge you more!


We have been supporting Individuals and SMBs for over 20 years. People from all over the world use our service. We get things done Right - First Time!




ESSPL is one of the biggest MSP and a leading organisation within the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry in South West of England with deep access to technical skills and resources directly from the vendor.

ESSPL specialises in Microsoft Technologies in particular and Cloud offerings in general. So, for any issues or technical support, you can contact us with confidence and a sense of security we are ico registered and fully GDPR compliant.

Why are we doing this?

Over the past 12-months many business owners have struggled to stay afloat and as a result, their IT systems have probably been one of the last things on their minds, which makes them more vulnerable to security issues, over spending and underutilising the product.

As an SME ourselves, we want to support local companies and help them rebuild their business. Our IT Health check provides a comprehensive report showing areas that might require your attention to maximise efficiencies and effectiveness or even help reduce ongoing cost, ultimately offering them peace of mind.