A self-service eLearning solution for Microsoft 365 products

ClipTraining is an on-line streaming platform for training videos with over 5,000 task-based learning sessions included in the library. The solution allows organizations to deliver learning content easily and effectively. The web-based interface is fully customizable through an administration page so organizations can create specific learning paths for their users or hide training materials that are unneeded. PLUS, it runs in Teams so users can stay productive without leaving their collaboration environment!

- "How-To" task-based video lessons! Example walk-through instructions help users retain skills by applying their new training immediately.

- Learn from Microsoft MVPs! Watch with confidence because all lessons have been created by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs.

- Training covers all Microsoft 365 workloads! Drive skills enablement quickly using a self-service learning approach that gives users the answers they need at their fingertips.

- Boost productivity and save time! Users save hours each month by finding answers to their “how-to” questions without calling the Helpdesk, which means lower support costs and higher productivity.

Boost Productivity

Improve your worker’s skills with the software they use every day. Imagine providing them with an expert to work by their side.

Drive Teams Adoption

All training videos are available from inside a native Teams application to maintain user focus without having to open new windows.

Reduce Helpdesk Calls

With full-text index searching the users can quickly find the training video they need to accomplish their task at hand.

Improve Skills Retention

Simple “how-to” instructions help learners retain more from each short lesson by applying their new skills immediately.

Enable Remote Learning

With a cloud-based Learning Platform and mobile friendly design, users can improve their skills from anywhere using any device.

Learn from Microsoft MVPs

Watch with confidence knowing all lessons have been created by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs.

See how it works inside TEAMS

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I attribute the smooth rollout of Windows and Office to the ClipTraining Library being available to all my staff 24/7 and would like to express my sincere thank you to the staff at ClipTraining for a great product and job well done!



In last 2 years, we have helped more than 100 businesses save more than 25% on their annual IT spend.

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