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Cybercrime is on a continual rise and affects everyone, from nation states to businesses and individuals. Data breaches occur daily and therefore cyber threats pose significant risks to business finances, reputation and operation. We have a number of services that can help your organisation reduce it’s cyber risk including Cyber security review, Risk Assessments, Training & Awareness.

Our security consultants are known figure in cyber world and bespoke virtual roundtables events where latest trends are discussed. Our cyber experts have over 20 years experience in some of the largest organisations in the world including Investment Banks, Finance, Manufacturing, Energy companies, Healthcare and Legal Sector. We therefore use a risk-driven approach, infusing cybersecurity and business resilience into every facet of your ecosystem so that you can easily scale your platforms and workflows footprint, with security and compliance measures enforced with highest quality and speed.

Cyber Security Review

Our expert consultantss can review your organisation’s cyber security posture, including governance, policies, incident management process, physical and technical gap. The review will help you in:

  • Understanding the maturity of cyber security culture in your organisation
  • Identifying and prioritising areas of cyber improvement required
  • Reduce the cyber risks faced by your business
  • Certified cyber security experts assess your business
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Datacentre Security

Threats to your business-critical data and applications are always present and forever changing thanks to the huge amounts of data processed worldwide every day in a rapidly evolving online landscape. Being aware of such risks and having strong lines of defence in place ensures your data remains safe, intact and confidential.

Our datascentre security solutions guarantee the security of your data, ensuring your intellectual property and information assets are safe at all times. All of our datacentre security solutions are carefully tailored to your business and carefully consider the type and quantity of data that your process. We work with some of the industry’s top providers to offer comprehensive and unwavering protection.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also known as pen test, goes one step beyond security audits and vulnerability scans. They check your systems for vulnerabilities that could be exploited under a cybersecurity attack. This acts as a simulated attack and covers all potential areas of access, including testing your internal and external infrastructure, cloud services, and all web and mobile applications used by your organisation. Whether it’s due to a client request, part of an annual security review, concerns around a potential breach or for regulatory compliance reasons, more and more organisations are looking for assurances when it comes to their information security.

At Elegant Systems, we’ve made it our mission to help resolve security issues faced by the businesses of all size today, creating services and solutions to meet these challenges. That's the reason we’ve teamed up with all major security vendors to offer our customers best-in-class penetration testing services. The testing is designed to help uncover potential vulnerabilities within key areas of your organisation, support your security improvement efforts and to provide you with the information security assurances required.

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Detection & Response

Alongside evaluating your current security measures, we also continually monitor your systems for potential breaches, detecting and responding to any threats quickly to ensure a timely managed response. This is particularly useful for organisations which lack the time or resources for in-house detection and response. We are able to monitor, manage and offer one or more of the following services:

  • IDS, IPS & Firewall
  • Laptop, Desktop, Server Secuity
  • Applicaion Security
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Security

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Application Protection

It is common for businesses to roll out new applications, helping to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. For this reason, any new applications will need to be rolled out quickly and efficiently, but security is also vital.

New web applications hold the biggest risks when it comes to cyber-attacks and data breaches. We ensure relevant security protocols are in place and run tests to ensure any new web applications are protected, allowing you to optimise your business while keeping your data intact and environment secure.

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Identity & Access Management Solutions

Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems are central to managing which digital identities have access to specific applications, systems, and data. Elegant Systems provides comprehensive IAM solutions across multiple platforms and systems so you can trust the identities of the users as well as the sytsems connected to your network directly or remotely.

Few Benefits of IAM are:

  • Digital identity
  • Application Development Security
  • Cloud & DevOps Security
  • Risk Management & Assessment
  • Advanced Threat Detection and Response
  • Security Strategy & Governance
  • Compliance & Controls

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Secure Remote Access

Today, more and more businesses require employees or members of the wider corporate network to have system access from remote locations. This requires greater flexibility in your organisation’s infrastructure, which brings with it increased risk and security threats.

We can work with you to ensure all remote access remains secure while ensuring your business can flourish in the more flexible and mobile working practices which are widespread today.

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Benefits of Managed Security:

There are numerous benefits with our Managed Security Service, like:

  • Enhance security without impacting your users
  • Gain a central view of your security stack
  • Understand your organization’s security gaps
  • Stay on top of constantly changing threats and toolsets
  • Map compliance to your existing environment

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Cyber Security Training & Awareness

Elegant Systems provide cyber training and awareness workshops for employees in order to reduce cyber risks to your business, the workshops will result in:

  • Help employees understand the cyber threats and risks
  • Addressing the human element of cyber security
  • Recommendation for employees including against phishing
  • Equip your organisation with best practice strategies
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Elegant Systems Security Management

Elegant Systems security services are tailored to your exact requirements & aim to provide you with the best possible results. To ensure this is the case, our testing goes through the multiple stages:



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