Microsoft Azure

Cloud Solutions Tailored to Your Business Need

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  • Integrated Security as default
  • 24x7 Remote Support
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Elegant Systems Approach



Arrive at a cloud strategy tailored for your technology infrastructure via our consulting and advisory services.


Deployment, Migration and change management

Change the way you work by migrating to the cloud with our certified deployment engineers, terabytes of data migration experience and proven change management modules.


Managed services and Support

Maintain and manage the dynamic expectations your businesses have from IT. Keep your infrastructure up and running with on-site, remote management, automation and training.

According to Microsoft, the Azure cloud migration process consists of four distinct phases: Assess, Migrate & Modernize, Optimize, and Secure & Manage.

Led by Experience, Powered by Knowledge, Delivered with love!

When Time is Essence

Red-tape & bureaucracy does not help anyone. We love to work swiftly and accurately. Yes, that's possible - we have been doing it for more than 20 years!

Value for Money

Our resources are highly skilled and their time is genuinely priced. We don't overcomplicate things to spend more time on project and charge you more!


We have been supporting Individuals and SMBs for over 20 years. People from all over the world use our service. We get things done Right - First Time!

Why AMS?

Azure Management Services (AMS) is a subscription service that continuously monitors, improves, and optimizes your Azure infrastructure for architecture, best practices, optimal performance, security and cost. You don’t have to hire a robust team of cloud architects to capitalize on all of Azure’s capabilities, Catapult can help.

Get continuous Azure monitoring & alerting

Our proprietary monitoring and alerting tool, Everwatch, will watch over your environment and alert you of problems 24×7.

Lower staffing costs and skill gaps

Managing Azure takes a team of specialized cloud resources. Catapult can help you close your cloud skill gaps and lower costs.

Implement new tools and processes efficiently

Take full advantage of Microsoft’s 100-200 new updates and features per month. Optimize your operations so you have time to innovate.

Understand your Azure environment

Our team of cloud experts will advise you on optimal performance, cost and security. Grasp what is available in your Azure environment and maintain user confidence.



In last 2 years, we have helped more than 100 businesses save more than 25% on their annual IT spend.