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Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use. You can also use Windows Autopilot to reset, repurpose and recover devices. This solution enables an IT department to achieve the above with little to no infrastructure to manage, with a process that's easy and simple.



Windows Autopilot is designed to simplify all parts of the lifecycle of Windows devices, for both IT and end users, from initial deployment through the eventual end of life. Leveraging cloud-based services, it can reduce the overall costs for deploying, managing, and retiring devices by reducing the amount of time that IT needs to spend on these processes and the amount of infrastructure that they need to maintain, while ensuring ease of use for all types of end users.

Elegant Systems can ships the Windows 10 devices to your organization or directly to your employees. We can also setup profiles (the device configuration) with policies, cloud services to be installed, settings and even change of the Windows 10 edition to be used (e.g. from Professional to Enterprise) and uploads them to the Windows Autopilot Service. The only thing your employees need to do is unpack the device, connect it to the internet and the device self-configuration is ready to go.

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Dynamics 365 AX

Elevate your financial performance and streamline your operations. Take the next steps to learn how a modern, intelligent ERP solution can help grow your business.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise

Unify CRM and ERP capabilities and break down data silos with Dynamics 365—modern, intelligent cloud applications that help move your business forward.

Dynamics 365 Flat Catalogue

Exciting licensing changes are happening in the D365 Cloud. Dynamics is transitioning from Plans to a Base + Attach model to better optimize for multi-app users. Here you will find new D365 sku’s ADDED as of October 1st, as well as existing sku’s needed to build solutions for your customer with new licensing model.

Professional Services


  • Implementation from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Elite Service Providers (ESP) who have mastered the process of repeatable, cloud-native CRM or ERP implementations.
  • Managed CRM or ERP support services from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Elite Service Providers (ESP) who have proven learning management systems and proactive training/support services designed to ensure the end user is successful with their investment.
  • Each implementation requires an executed statement of work (SOW) and a 100% prepayment as is customary in the CRM & ERP market to begin the project.
  • When ordering Dynamics 365 CRM or ERP implementation services both a Setup SKU & a Completion SKU must be ordered.
  • When ordering Managed CRM & ERP support services one of 3 base service options (Standard/Success/Winning) SKU’s must be ordered and Additional User SKU’s to match the user count in the environment must be ordered.


  • Build a profitable Dynamics 365 business without the risk or investment.
  • Grow deeper relationships with your current customers by selling them SaaS-base CRM & ERP solutions that they would have purchased from someone else. Why not you?
  • Benefit from the years of investment and hard work by our ESP partners in building implementations and support services designed to delight the end customer and fuel positive business outcomes.
  • You stay in control of the end customer relationship by doing the billing of the licensing, implementation, and the ongoing managed services
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How do we Get Started?
  • The first step of getting started is to set your requirements related to developer. You can also ask one of our senior representatives who are happy to assist you with your requirements.
  • When availability of the developer was confirmed and everything was agreed upon, you will have to sign the contract which will be sent to you.
  • Once we get confirmation from your end we can start with proceedings.
How long does it take to get a developer started on my work once we pay charges?
Once the payment is made it will take approx. 3-5 days of lead time to schedule the start date.
If I hire a developer, does that mean I have that person dedicated only for me?
Yes. The developer you hire, like all other regular employees, will work full-time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) dedicating it only to you.
Could I hire a developer for a project based Task?
Yes, you can hire the developer as your own offshore employee to work on any of your current / multiple project requirements.
How much will I save if I use your offshore team?
Overall savings may vary. It can be from 30%, compared to the traditional project based outsourcing model, and up to 60%, compared to in-house development. Moreover, there are no infrastructure, benefit or payroll tax expenses.

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