Round here, passion is worth something.

We are proud to be a gamechanger

Born in Northwest of London and part of the Greater London, we were always going to be the troublemakers. We started from one belief: that small businesses deserved better. That the people pouring their hearts into something deserved to get world class IT solution at an affordable price, to be able to compete with bigger players with more money and resources at their disposal.

Reliability, Affordably and Passion has always been our core strength and even today we proudly stick to it.

We knew we were on to something different. We won many kinds of awards - weird and wonderful. And we grew - fast. That’s where you come in. We’re busy – you won’t be bored. The office is buzzing with a sense of shared purpose. And because “making passion pay” is a purpose that runs deep, we’ll give you every penny of what you’re worth.

Our values. What makes us.


Being relentless takes grit, passion and perseverance. Sticking with your goals no matter what, and working hard to succeed in them. It's not necessarily about intelligence, talent or existing knowledge. It's about being tenacious and adapting to your environment. Taking the initiative, tackling a problem and persevering until you solve it.


Curiosity is driven by impulse. The impulse to experiment, innovate and improve. Because questioning what came before is essential to developing what comes next. Which is why we pride ourselves on hiring bold, inquisitive minds. Individuals who don't settle and accept; they challenge and push. Creative solutions aren't often stumbled across. They're discovered by thinking critically, rationally and collaboratively.


To be customer-obsessed requires empathy and the ability to listen to and recognise others' feelings. It’s a collaborative exercise that demands the sharing of ideas and interpretations. Applying empathy enables us to broaden our own understanding of those around us and, ultimately create better products and services for our customers and a better working environment for ourselves.

Why Elegant Systems?

It may sound cliché,

…but if you ask anyone on our team why they came to Elegant Systems, or why they are still here, unanimously they will say: “the people.” In fact, the foundation of Elegant Systems success has always been our people; and each person, regardless of role, plays an integral part in that success.

Our people believe in who we are

We have consciously set out to build a reputable company and a desirable place to work. We strive to have a positive impact on our clients and on our communities through our collective efforts and innovative use of technologies. This doesn’t happen by chance – we work at it every day, and our people love being part of that journey.

We are surrounded by amazing people

Our tenured employees are fundamental in continuing a longstanding culture of innovation, teamwork and fun. These “old timers” are vital to our Ambassador Program, which pairs all new team members with a tenured employee to introduce them to our culture and provide guidance as they transition into our company and our culture.

Elegant Systems Perks

We don't pay peanuts

You just can't if you want the best people in the game. So while you're helping our customers get paid for their passion, we'll make sure you're well-rewarded too. No monkeys in this circus.

Buddy up

Week one is always daunting. When you join, we'll welcome you with open arms by giving you your very own work buddy. They'll give you the intel and generally make sure you feel like part of the gang.

Fit and you know it

OK, in one way we're a sweatshop. We give you free fitness classes including yoga, boxing, circuits and more each week to help you stay in shape. Have you been working out?

Beer and fruit

Grab an unfiltered raw microbrewed beer or a Friday cocktail: we like to keep our teams well oiled. And there's always an apple if you want one.

All work and no play? No way.

We think there should be more than meetings in your calendar. (And we love a party.) There's a Christmas party, Summer Olympics, Tough Mudder, pub quizzes and much more.

Let's get social

Think work times should be fun times? Join the club. That's book club, language club. football club, or create your own club. We love to get together over shared passions on the company dime.

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