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About Elegant Systems

Elegant is a term frequently associated with aesthetics in design. It typically connotes simplicity, beauty, and grace. When it comes to complex systems, it also connotes predictable behavior, power, and creative functionality. Elegant is what separates the merely functional from the engaging. An elegant systems or solution usually has a thematic vision that drives its creation. It engages both designers & users and also supports creative exploration on their part. The process of elegant solution is an iterative, thought through, creative process that exploits systems thinking, probes questioning, and appropriate analogies and metaphors to gain insights that can be transformed novel solutions.

Our business has developed over many years of trust and confidence from our customers. In the name of IT Management, we have delivered peace of mind to our customers across the globe, many of them had limited internal resources, tight budgets, growing concerns over resilience and security. We are proud that we are still supporting our very first client.

With over 15 years of experience, we are one of the leading Microsoft and AWS Partners specialising particularly in Microsoft 365 Consultancy and Cloud in general. We strive to live up to our name by delivering ELEGANT SYSTEMS. We strongly believe that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses in reducing Year-on-Year IT cost by Simplifying it (which is our primary motto). We are trusted by many Partners of different sizes including Schools, Retailers, Financial Institutions, Accounting Firms, Law Firms and Big enterprises across the UK.

While many companies claim to provide the best IT solutions in town, we at Elegant Systems actually deliver them. We fulfil all our commitments and promise zero compromises on quality. The main factor that differs us from other IT companies is our client-centric approach. For us, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction and flawless IT. Unlike other companies, we are approachable and flexible in our dealings. We come up with solutions that can be seamlessly incorporated and are bound to deliver results.

You are covered with Elegant Systems

We do all the heavy lifting IT work for you so that you can focus on your Core Business.

Contact on Demand - Always available when you need us.

Rapid Response Times - Questions answered, information supplied and quotes provided to your expectations.

Flexibility - Making it easy to work with us.

Impartial Advice - Services and products that suit your needs, not ours.

Reliable Service - Doing whatever it takes to avoid letting you down.

Why choose us

Elegant Systems can look after your end to end IT requirement and provide you with complete peace of mind. Elegant Systems onsite team can work with businesses to come up with an appropriate solution while Elegant Systems' highly experienced offshore team can deliver the solution economically and at pace while maintaining a very high standard.

With our own data centre in the UK, we can host and manage your entire IT at a much lower cost without compromising on the quality or service level, giving you a complete peace of mind. In the current climate of social distancing, we can provide the majority of our service remotely and for any complicated situation, we can come to see you at your convenience.

As a true and end-to-end IT service provider, we can design bespoke software and Mobile App to meet your unique business requirements, migrate your IT on a cloud of your choice (AWS, Azure, Google or our own Private cloud), outsource some or all your IT support function or work strategically with you and your colleagues on your IT strategy. By putting our clients at the heart of everything we do.

We work closely with our technology partners to provide independent advice to our customers that help them navigate the rapidly changing IT world. Our greatest strength is our underpinning value, which is to help customers achieve success by empowering everyone involved at all levels. Our attitude, "We are big enough to Dare and small enough to Care" means a lot to us, our customers, our partners and our vendors.

And just so you know for your complete peace of mind:

  • We offer 1-day free consultancy to understand your business and help you save on your IT spending.
  • All our work comes with 14 days rework guarantee - if we missed something or it needs rework, we won't charge you.
  • We can go anywhere for a free coffee - so put the kettle on and give us a call.

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In last 2 years, we have helped more than 100 businesses save more than 25% on their annual IT spend.